11 Ramadan Reflections from Influencers

by Sara Binladen on July 10, 2017


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We prayed. We fasted. We celebrated. And now it's time for us to reflect.

This year, Azha Workshop took the initiative of creating the first ever Ramadan journal! The Ramadan Diary is a compilation of 11 reflective entries from influential members of our community. Through this project, we aspire to highlight spiritual Ramadan experiences so that we could all learn and reflect on one another’s journey. These reflections are filled with valuable lessons and precious thoughts that will inspire you to continue your journey towards Allah SWT throughout the year.

We hope you enjoy your read!

1. Rayyan Sokkarie  @anotherarabgurl1 

rayyan sokkarie

Every year I struggle to read the Quran in its entirety. But today, I had this fire inside me that encouraged me to sit and read it for a couple of hours. While reading it, I cried, I smiled, I contemplated and reflected. Those verses have so much meaning to them yet we tend to overlook them to recite them so quickly during prayer that we don’t digest them. Later on tonight, I went to pray Taraweeh and I saw my best friends there that I have been going to the masjid with for 10 years. A DECADE. Amazing, right? During prayer, I recognized the verses being recited as the verses I had read today. It was such an amazing feeling getting to follow along with the reciter and being caught up. Alhamdulilah also for the blessing of being able to speak, understand, read and write in Arabic.

2. Jae Deen @jae_deen

Jae deen

7 years ago on this day {in Ramadan} I made the decision that changed my life forever. I converted to Islam at the age of 15 in 2010. I am nothing without this faith. I am nothing without Allah. I am nothing without the way of Muhammad (PBUH). I swear, this is the greatest gift anyone can have. Dear brothers and sisters, never take this religion for granted. You have families who are Muslim. And every day, I pray that Allah SWT guides my family as well.

 Thank you, Allah, for Islam and everyone for making me feel so welcomed in this beautiful religion.

3.Wafaa Judas @Wafa.judas

Wafa Judas

Truthfully, this Ramadan hasn't been the best; I feel as though personal shortcomings and weaknesses have gotten in the way. However, this blessed month allows us to look at our naked self and improve on areas that need attention. Instead of despairing, I decided to closely examine myself and work on the weaknesses I've identified. It's far from pretty but it's necessary.

 Allah is Kind and Merciful enough to show us our weaknesses. What direction we go towards is entirely up to us. God is good, even when me bad bad bad.

4. Amal @aamalymag

amal albaz

We entered the finest and most beautiful schools of life.

When Ramadan was about to knock at our doors, I had a pretty tough time. I was emotionally and physically exhausted. To be honest, I was even questioning myself about my ability to make the best out of this holy and unique month.
But as soon as the Maghrib Athan started, announcing the first day of Ramadan, I had such a peaceful and reassuring feeling–tawakkul.

Today, we’re reaching the end of the month, and I can tell you that incredible things – humanly and spiritually – happened to me during this sacred month. I’ve been so productive. I feel blessed. Ramadan not only teaches us patience, self-restraint, introspection, humanism, and empathy, but it also teaches us to trust in ourselves, be positive and nourish hopes. 

At the end of Ramadan, I remind myself to always trust in its magics and to never lose hope.



5. Jasmine @leloquente

jasmine leloquente

I am going to be really honest here. It was hard for me to keep up with my Ramadan daily practices and working full time (sometimes 50 hours a week). But you know, I realized that that’s the test. A test to help us grow and become stronger. A test to organize our priorities in order to connect with God to the fullest. We all have our concerns and main occupations, but this is not what it’s all about. We need to step back from time to time to find balance and inner peace. And that's one of the beautiful sides of Ramadan. Even while I was working that much, I was able to reorganize my days to be able to take breaks and just do something that will bring me closer to God. All this brought me to feel more alive and peaceful, Alhamdulilah.

6. Zehra @zallibhai


I cannot believe that this blessed month is just a week away from being over. As our kids are getting older and understanding the importance of this holy month, this Ramadan has been all about community and working with our children to give back and help in any small way we can. They love helping out at the masjid, serving water, picking up garbage, and even helping my friends and I make salads for our mosque's iftars. My hope is for them to realize that every little gesture and effort makes a difference. And when we work together, we have more of an impact and can accomplish so much more. I've truly enjoyed experiencing Ramadan through their eyes this year.

7. Eman Idil @emanidil

Eman idil
I think a lot of us come from communities where it's shameful to struggle with your iman. If you're having a hard time praying, you keep it a secret, if you struggle with remembering Allah SWT, you pretend otherwise. I've always been so uncomfortable with that idea because what's the point of a community if we cannot support each other spiritually? When we're younger, our parents put us in Islamic schools or Sunday schools, so that we are constantly reminded of Allah SWT –and we don't have that as we are older. And I think we need that. We need to build a support system of friends and loved ones who constantly remind us of Allah SWT. I think that's what so many of us love about Ramadan – the constant community and endless remembrance of Allah.  That's what I'd like to bring forward with me after Ramadan ends this year, inShaAllah

8. Rozana Al Banawi @rozabee

Rozana Al Banawi

This is the first Ramadan since childhood where I couldn't fast (health reason). It was not easy to accept being an observer of fasting rather than a participant. However, I also learned that God is the Most Compassionate; I learned to lean in & connect with loved ones, even when pain prevailed. People love to give in different ways!
I have encountered gentleness and patience in myself & others when anxiety and anger surfaced. I have learned to give seventy excuses, to forgive and move on, I learned to see God in the small moments, to see Him in the love that my child has for me, I learned to recover more fluently to a heart of peace.

9.  Meriem Abou-Ghazaleh @Palestyria


Ramadan has always been the time of year in which I feel purest. The beautiful smiles around me by fellow Muslims, the kindness that envelopes the air around you during Taraweeh, and the feeling of purity and serenity all through this holy month.
Several things I've learned during this month is that no matter how one appears, their Iman should never be up for judgment. Tattoos, piercings, etc; all that doesn't determine one's, Iman. Our communities need to be more welcoming to converts, and to those who found their way back to Islam.

One of the most inspirational things that I've seen is the way those with disabilities, whether it be mental or physical, come out during Taraweeh and pray despite their hardships. The way they stand or sit and find their way to Allah SWT warms my heart.

As Ramadan has come to an end, my heart is not sad, but happy. Because He gave me another chance to live through it. To meet new souls, and to submit myself to Him. Ramadan is a time where no matter what your past is, you somehow find a way to Him; and that's my favourite thing about Ramadan.

10. Norah Sahman @norahsahman

Norah sahman
This year, Ramadan was a little difficult for me (at first). I was not able to break my norm or change my daily routine for many reasons. So, I decided to do Ramadan differently. I focused way more on my inner being than my outer self and found a key to my willpower by being true to myself.  It was about reflecting on self awareness and intentions.This is the magic of Ramadan. It is a time to regain control over your life. I’m so grateful to have been able to experience another Ramadan

11. Yousr Al Shaarawy @yalshaarawy


You know what is more beautiful than love? It is expressing love! & you know what is more beautiful than that? It is looking at the glowing eyes of someone in love when they speak about their beloved. For a moment, you'd think that the speaker is merely dramatizing their feelings. But when you get to know that the beloved is He who created love, you realize that The Beloved is SO beautiful that they manifest themselves in the most simple of words to make them the most eloquent. & through the most regular eyes to become extraordinary glowing gazes when He is mentioned.

I saw this in the states of several friends this Ramadan. Ones who are divinely in love. I've learnt that love is the most powerful force in the world. Love is what moves limbs & brains into action. Into doing what is right & into saying what is true. Into prayer & into peace. & into expressing this love. Actions speak louder than words because a feeling that does not lead to 'doing' is anything but love! Love is much more than that. It is much bigger than just words. & shall we stop belittling it in human translation when it has the most graceful meanings in Divine language?

Ramadan is about new beginnings. It’s about reliving our special "firsts" - first prayer, first prostration, first repentance. With humans, reliving firsts may never feel as a new beginning - because they may never forget the past. With The Lord of Love, firsts are relived - & they are like the day our mothers brought us to this world. New beginnings of new feelings & meanings & may that be translated into actions.

This Ramadan I learned that Divine love is different - & that He SWT deals with us with His own graceful attributes & not within our imperfect humanely standards. So may we be granted mercy, not in our capacity to ask for it, but as much as He can give it.

Alhamdulilah, we have reached the end of Azha’s Ramadan Diary. Thank you to our participants for your beautiful reflections and to our readers for your encouraging support!


We hope that these reflections inspire you to continue your journey towards Allah SWT throughout the year.

And now the question remains, what have you learned from this Ramadan?

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