3 Tips to Manage your Schedule

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Written By Lyan Khazanchi


We are now well into the school year, or back to our jobs after a nice break. We'd like to share our top 3 tips for managing schedules and keeping things organized! These work great with our team, try them out with yours!

Tip #1

Organize your life on paper

Even though we’re way into the digital age, sometimes writing things out goes a long way! It’s scientifically proven that the movement your hand makes improves your memory. 

Tip #2

Utilize a digital tool

Even though we just talked about the good ol’ pen and paper and how necessary it is to write things down, but don’t disregard the efficiency of an online tool. Our favourite app to use is Trello! Our entire team uses it to document our tasks and to collaborate on tasks. 


Tip #3

Using sticky notes/post-its! 

If you’re a visual person like me, you’ll understand why this is so important. Colourful post-its are my go-to. When juggling 101 things at the same time, even with a planner and your phone and all that, it’s hard to always document and remember things. For example: have a post-it near the outlet by your desk, to remember to grab your charger before heading out! 


sticy notes

Those are our top 3 tips! We hope they helped you out. Share yours below!

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