5 Startup Tips from Azha

by Elaf Trabulsi on January 07, 2020  in azhaB2BbusinessGiftsgrowthkey to successplanningStartupSuccesstips
At Azha, we practice a few habits as a team to maintain a healthy foundation as a company! 
Here are some startup tips from Azha: 
  • Have brief daily morning meetings to discuss yesterday’s accomplished work and work to be done today. Growing your connection as a team is KEY to SUCCESS!
  • Developing a yearly plan to distribute the tasks on everyone. PLANNING can go a LONG WAY! 
  • Network and communicate with other brands and companies. Supporting other brands will help you grow your own network. 
  • Don’t OVERPLAN! Put your plan to use and TAKE ACTION!
  • Invest in a marketing team! Make sure your brand's purpose and vision are being revealed to the world! 

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