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5 Unique Eid Gifts for Her

by Azha Workshop on May 26, 2019

You usually hear "its' the thought that counts" when getting gifts. This Eid, we want to help you make the gift count too for those amazing ladies in your life. Whether you are getting something for your daughter, sister, cousin, aunt, friend or mother, the following list should help guide you to get them a unique gift they like!

1. MZN Bodycare

 mzn bodycare skin products gifts eid for her

For the women that cares about her skin, This Saudi local company based in Dammam creates Skincare Products that are Natural, Vegan, Cruelty-free! Their packages are between 50-80 SR.


2. Tahseen Set

Tahseen Sets meaningful gifts gift for her ladies eid

For that meaningful gift, The Tahseen set which is the soundwave of the Quranic suras Al-Ikhlas (Gold),  Al Falaq (Rose Gold), and Al Nass (Silver). Gift them a constant reminder to have faith that you are safe and secure under Allah's Protection. 400 SR


3. Pieces by Farah

hair mobkhara gifts for women for her

For ladies who care about smelling different, this oud essence is used for hair. A unique and different take on the traditional mobkhara. Prices start from 344 SR.


4.  Owl Jewelry

owl jewlery accesories necklace phone glasses gift gitfs eid

For those looking for convenience, Owl jewelry creates handmade phone and glasses accessories among other things. You even have the option to customize. Prices start from 250 SR.

5. Rawan Stationary

rawan stationary gift set eid sets gifts wrapping present lady her women

For ladies who are interested in stationery products and ready-made packages, Rawan stationary offers a large collection of cute stationary items as well as gift wrapping options. Check out this beautiful set that costs 395 SR!


Do you have something else to add to this list, share your thoughts in the comments below!

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