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Top 5 local healthy restaurants to order from during the lockdown in jeddah: 

4 banana breads and 2 Cinnabon pans later... we’re finally accepting the harsh reality that we might need to find healthier alternatives to our favourite dishes after all! As a part of our #SupportingLocals campaign, Azha collected the top local healthy stores in Jeddah to make it easier for you to recreate your favourite recipes in a healthy way!

1. Instinct Vegan @instincts.vegan 

You thought you’d have more time to cook healthier during lockdown but feeling overwhelmed with work and catching up on netflix? Check out @instincts.vegan for quick lunch recipes as well as delivery options! 

2. Soca @soca.sa 

Since we’re spending a lot of time indoors and we might be losing some vital vitamins and minerals, @soca.sa is the perfect online store to get your supplements and boost your immunity from home!

3. Ard Alkhair Farm @ardalkhairfarm

For organic vegetables and healthy alternatives, visit @ardalkhairfarm for raw fruits and veggies! We’re all still getting the hang of cooking Even if you’re still a beginner, you can still participate in the kitchen by making the best garden salad with fresh ingredients. 

4. Abazeer @abazeer 

Replacing your neighbourhood supermarket with healthy and organic oils and seeds for guilt-free binging! @abazeer is known for its raw and authentic products! 

5. Ghaliah @ghaliah4h.a 

If you’re anything like us, we’re binge eating baked-goods and going all out with the cheese! After feeling out of breath from going up one flight of stairs, it’s time to make the change! @ghaliah4h.a makes the best vegan and guilt-free cheese locally! 

Since we’re all getting out of this quarantine as professional chefs (or professional binge-eaters) we’d love to see what you have to cook! Share your recipes with us on instagram and let us know how you’ve been maintaining your healthy habits! 

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