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Culture in Saudi Arabia: Camels travel, contests or pets?

by Sara Binladen on March 17, 2017  in CamelcamelsCulturefactsSafar

You know how obsessed we are with camels. Safar, our origami camel, is one of our main pieces at Azha. So how did we bridge the connection between culture and camels?


Camel herd walking in hills of soft brown sand


 Weird fact about camels: In Saudi Arabia, there is a camel beauty pageant called King Abdul-Aziz Camels Beauty contest for Camels


 For a thousands of year, Camels have been used as transportation in desert areas. This includes many areas in Asia. My ancestors used to ride them to travel and trade in the region. However, its not very uncommon to go to the beach in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and get a camel ride along the beach for $5.

Riding a Camel

Its a pretty cool experience to ride a camel. The camel has to sit down in order for you to get into the saddle. You don't expect the camel to be that huge (over 7 ft tall)! Going up and coming down were bumpy, the camel stood up in two steps, front legs first then back legs. Because of its height, you are jerked to the front and then again to back for him to get up. 

Facts about Camels

Camels are able to carry almost 500 pounds (226.7 kg) on their backs.They have big flat feet that help them walk on rocky terrain and sinking sands. They have clear eyelids over their eyes to protect them from sand. Camels can survive up to 6 Months without water. No wonder they are nicknamed "Ships of the desert".

There are only 2 types of camels:

  • The dromedary (one humped camel) : Lives in the Middle East and The Horn of Africa.
  • The Bactrian (two-humped camel, Safar): can be found in Central Asia.

More Info
If your really interested in reading more about camels, check this book" Introduction to camel origin, history, raising, characteristics, and wool, hair, and skin: A Review"


by Hafsah on March 21, 2017

Definitely worth the read because I’m obsessed with camels too! ?

by Marya on March 21, 2017

Thanks for sharing this Azha team! It was a lovely, informative read.

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