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Top three Azha minimalist accessory pieces for you

by Sara Binladen on August 07, 2017  in azhaCamelgoalsgoldminimalnecklacerose goldsafarsilversimplesimplicitysoundwavetahseen


Let’s talk minimalism! I feel like this word has slowly yet rapidly evolved into a buzzword that people use all the time. Let’s dive a bit deeper today. Being a “minimalist” means that you enjoy your life with less stuff. It means that you have the ability to be better with a few items, rather than hoarding unnecessary things. Every heard of the saying “less is more”? So have we.

How can Azha help you become a minimalist? And allow you to be your best self with just a few items? Here are three Azha pieces that can be worn anywhere/anytime/everywhere and with anything!

  1. Safar the Origami Camel

This is a popular favourite. Due to its versatility coming in three different finishes (rose gold, gold, and silver), you can change it up according to what matches the rest of your outfit. OR, break the status quo, and mix metals! The thing I love the most about Safar is that it’s a conversation starter, everywhere. Because who wears a camel around their neck nowadays? Pairing Safar with a simple white tee, some blue jeans and ballet flats will bring your minimalistic look to the next level!

Safar Camel Gold

  1. Tahseen Collection

Speaking of mixing metals, the tahseen bangles go with everything. Literally, everything. I wear them almost every day, and they’re subtle enough to wear to work/a more professional setting. If you’re incredibly minimalistic, wear 1 and alternate them. Or wear one on each arm. Let’s not forget how meaningful the bangles are. Besides being fashion-forward, the bangles represent the three Quls. Read more about the hidden meanings on our website!

tahseen bangles

  1. Bismillah Necklace

Ever heard of effortlessly chic? We support it. The Bismillah necklace is a unique soundwave piece that comes in rose gold, gold, and silver. Due to its horizontal outline, it sticks out no matter the colour of your top. It’s a bold statement yet can remain minimal.

bismillah silver

Remember ladies, less is more. Simplicity is gorgeous. You can express yourselves and unique styles with jewellery, and with Azha’s clear cut designs, we’ll help you achieve your minimal goals.

How do you express your style with Azha? Leave us a comment below!

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