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4 Modesty Tips to keep in mind for Summer fashion outfits

by Azha Workshop on August 17, 2017  in DressHijabLightminimalMinimalismModestModestyOutfitOutfitsPantSummerTravel

Written By Shahd Tashkandi


Warm weather during the summer months are truly something we all look forward to, especially after the long months of winter that we have had! But when temperatures get too high, enjoying your time outside while staying covered becomes a struggle. So, we combined a list of helpful guidelines to use when you pick your summer outfit of the day. No need to compromise your modesty in order to feel comfortable!

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wide pants

  • Wear loose clothing
    What's better than looking good and feeling good? Wearing looser and breathable clothes like maxi dresses, skirts, palazzo pants, or tunics will help you stay cool while also looking great at the same time.

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skirt flowing

  • Choose light coloured clothing
    Darker shades absorb more UV light from the sun, in other words, you will be feeling quite hot. Stay clear from dark colours and go for lighter shades instead. Not only will you stay cool throughout the day, but you will be rocking summer colours too!   



Picture credits: modanisa

  • Avoid layering
    There are other substitutes for the basic white or black long sleeve shirt.  Instead of wearing an entire layer beneath your clothes, try wearing arm sleeves to cover up parts of your arms. It will look similar to the usual long sleeve shirt, the only difference is that you're not wearing an extra layer!

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  • Choose lighter fabrics
    Linen, chiffon and cotton are some of the best fabrics to wear during the warm weathers. Stay away from materials like wool or denim as they tend to make you warmer during the summer.

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And finally, remember to renew your intentions. Doing anything for the sake of Allah SWT will immediately give you the reward and will become a little easier to implement. So, keep your intentions sincere and inShaaAllah you will find wonderful experiences on this journey towards modesty.

These are our Modesty tips from Azha! What do you do to stay covered and comfortable in the summer? Share your experience with us below, we would love to hear from you!

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