Azha VS. COVID-19!

by Elaf Trabulsi on March 24, 2020  in azhaCOVID-19goalsideamindfulminimalmotivationorganizeOrganizerremote worksimplicityworking from home

Companies and startups are concerned at this point, they're not sure what the future holds for them: Will this pandemic lead to a great drop in work flow? Will our team lose motivation? When it comes to retail, we're all asking the same question: how will our sales be affected?

Truth is, no one knows; it all depends on the attitude and collaboration of the team during a time like this.  

We're happy to see that Azha's beating COVID-19 with a determined nature and consistent energy. We're keeping our team alive and thriving to get out of this period of time with a clearer mind and more motivation to take on new challenges.  

Here's how we GET THINGS DONE from home: 

- Regular morning meetings: 

COMMUNICATION: makes all the difference. Our team has morning meetings to discuss each and everyone's updates and keep everyone in the loop of what's happening in each department. Our essential communication application has to be Zoom

- Utilising digital apps:

DIGITAL: That's right, Azha's becoming tech-savvy and going digital! Our top favourite app at Azha is definitely Trello! We update our tasks regularly and assign each other new tasks to remember and stay organised. 

Apps for working from home

- Constant learning: 

MOTIVATION: We constantly share the new ideas and readings we learn among each other on Google drive or Pinterest! We re-share articles and videos that we think are interesting. We also share new recipes that we learnt and stories about our families! This type of socialising creates the strong bond that helps us remain motivated to get our work done! 

Keeping the team motivated and engaged will matter greatly when I comes to 

Here are some motivating blog pages to learn from:


Our MESSAGE to you: 

Whether you're an individual or an entity, go easy on yourself! It's difficult to remain positive, let alone productive. Try to stay healthy and look out for yourself and your team! We really think it's an important time to be safe and cautious. Taking care of your mind, soul and body. 

Remote work

How are you spending your time during the COVID-19 period? Share your tips in the comments! 



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