The Perfect Gift for Him!

You feel like you don't know what to get him? You're trying to indirectly ask him but still got no luck? No need to stress anymore because we put together the perfect gift box for him that we're sure he'll enjoy and forever cherish! This gift box will make him think you know him better than anyone else! Check out these local brands!

1. Diggin it: Beard Care

  • Does he have a beard? Then you're in luck because this is perfect for him! Try getting him a kit from for his beard care routine. shaving kit: top gifts for him


2. Azha Workshop: Arabic, Spiritual and Cultural-Inspired Accessories

  • If you want something that's a bit more sentimental and maybe you'd want to match with him as well, try our men's collection

Some of our products include the the black matte Safar Necklace for his creative lifestyle needs!



3. Melted: Brownies and Cookies

  • Most men LOVE to eat! How about some of his favourite foods to snack on? Try for irresistible brownies! (Trick: this one is also a gift you can share!) 



4. A for Anonymous: Casual T-shirts

  • Want to get him different tees for his everyday needs? Try @a.for.a clothing for your ambitious and simple man. 


5. Sadah Things: Pins, Stickers and Mugs

  • If he loves coffee or tea, then a mug would be perfect for him! @sadahthings has simple yet creative designs for your classical man! 


6. Fashnasa: Graphic T-shirts

  • If he likes graphic tees then @fashnasa is the perfect local brand from him! T-shirts for the man with a sense of humor! 



Those are our top picks for your present to him! If you know more local brands that make unique products for him please don't hesitate to leave a comment below! 

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