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3 Ways to Start a Fitness Lifestyle During Ramadan

by Azha Workshop on May 12, 2019  in azhaexerciseexperiencefitnessgymhealthislamModestymuslimprayramadansimplicityspiritualtahseen

During the holy month of Ramadan you may be tempted to succumb to laziness and binge eating, but did you know that you can use the holy month of Ramadan as the perfect kick start of your fitness journey?

Starting a fitness journey can seem a bit daunting and overwhelming at first but once you follow these simple steps, you’ll be on your way to becoming a fitness guru.

1- Set your Intentions 

The first step and the most important one to achieve your fitness goal during this holy month of Ramadan is to set your intention. Setting your intentions before starting any journey is crucial. Not only does it help you stick to your goals more, but it also helps you manifest your goals and make them come true. Setting your intentions can be as simple as praying to Allah to give you the strength to stay on this journey and to have the patience to do so. If you’re struggling with this step, carrying a reminder helps. Azha’s Alhamdullilah soundwave necklace serves as a great reminder to be grateful for the body that Allah gave you and to trust your body’s capability in achieving this journey. Not only is this piece a great conversation starter but it also serves as a clear connection to a person's feelings of gratefulness and content.

image of suhoor food

Many have this misperception that skipping suhoor is the perfect way to lose weight during Ramadan since it saves on extra calories, but did you know that skipping suhoor is also the easiest way to cause yourself metabolic damage. Suhoor is just as equally important as iftar. Suhoor maintains your body's energy and hydration to get you fueled until your next meal. However, if you’re just starting your journey and have no idea what to eat you can contact food specialists such as Nawal Khalawi from Food evolution to help provide you with easy meal plans that you can make at the comfort at your own home. Nawal is a holistic health coach that has helped many start a healthy lifestyle with wholesome meal plans. Meal plans are a great way to ensure that you will stay on track with your fitness journey.

Mulu athelitcs image exercise

3- Exercise

If you’ve ever heard of the 80/20 rule, then you’d know that exercise is an integral part of sustaining a healthy lifestyle. Fasted workouts have so many benefits such as burning more fat,  anti-aging effect, hunger management ...etc. If you’re unfamiliar with fasted workouts, its simply just doing light cardio workouts 30 minutes before iftar. Although it may have various benefits, you need to be careful with this stop as you can overexert yourself. To do this step safely you make sure that you have enough energy to complete the workout and also make sure to drink enough water when it's time for iftar. If you still need a push to do this step, buy yourself some workout clothes to help increase your motivation. Check out Mulu athletics for some really stylish and comfortable workout gear.

We hope that you enjoyed these simple steps for achieving your fitness goals and we pray that you have a wonderful and productive Ramadan.

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