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Top 3 Gifts for Children this Eid

by Azha Workshop on May 28, 2019

The best moment in Eid is when children tear open their gifts and their face shows pure joy. It is not easy to find the right and meaningful gift for them which is why we put together this list for you.

  1. Shahada Bracelet

    shahada bracelets bracelet kufic font set for family mom dad child kid baby gift eid gifts

    A simple string bracelet that children can wear to remind them of Allah and that he is always with them guiding them and protecting them. It comes in different colors and the kid's size is good for kids up to the age of 10. You can also match and get one for yourself as well.

  2. Choose and stuff your own Doll 

    children kid kids gift eid gifts child doll dolls presents

    What better way to gift them something they can make themselves. You purchase a doll set and they can fill it up with cotton themselves and can even stitch it closed. Comes with candy and different accessories or boys and girls. Different sizes and read made options also available. Prices range from 250 - 440 SR.

  3. Fathakir

    Eid shoes book children gift fitr gifts kids books

    Inspire them to read Arabic books related to this spiritual holiday or Read it to them. Fathakir has a large book collection for kids. "Eid Shoes" book is a simple and nice way to get them excited about reading. It costs 40 SR.

Have any additional ideas? Leave us a comment below.

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by Layla Sinokort on July 08, 2019

These are all awesome gift ideas! Thank you for sharing them.
My kids also enjoyed getting these personalized Eid card with their names, to color them in themselves:

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