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Top 5 Gifts You Know He Will Love

One of the hardest things in life is buying men presents. Every time you ask any man what he wants for his birthday, he will always claim he does not want anything. Their lack of interest in gifts has made it hard to select the perfect present. 
So if you’re still wondering what to get, then you'll find plenty of inspiration in our gift guide below.
  • For the Modern Arabian Man: Madas - Tamashee
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This modern twist on the traditional Arabian footwear is perfect for a man who likes to incorporate his traditions in his style. The use of fine leather with modern textiles adds for the modern feel of the cultural footwear.
Price: 1522- 2037 SR
Where to find it-
  • For the Fashionable Man: Sunglasses - Urban sunglasses
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The sunglasses trend has taken the world by storm. Everyone nowadays is seen wearing nontypical sunglasses. Urban sunglasses is a local online business that offers a wide range of sunglasses that are both stylish and for sunny weather.
Price: 200-600 SR
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  • For the Sentimental man: Al Tayiboon lil Tayibat couple rings - Azha Workshop

    Love is in the air and Azha is here to help. Express your love by gifting the Altayiboon lil Tayibaat couple set rings. These rings are meant to be worn as a reminder that good people attract good people. With its stainless steel hardware and gold plated shine, you will for sure feel connected to your partner. 
    Price: 350 SR 
    Where to find it -
    • For the Fragrant man: Qays - Rose & Amber Perfumes 

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      A great smelling man leaves a lasting impression. Amber & Rose offer the perfect blend of oriental fragrances. This particular Oud fragrance from Rose & Amber is inspired by the stories of love between Qais and Laila which adds a nice touch to the love between you and your partner.
      Price: 360 SR
      Where to find it -
      • For the Bearded Man: Grooming Kit - Diggn'It 
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      Finally, if your partner is interested in growing his beard, gift him this Ultimate Grooming Kit courtesy of Diggn'It. The grooming kit offers an array of all-natural oils and waxes to help maintain his scruff.
      Price: 430 SR
      Where to find it -
       We hope shopping for your partner will be a breeze this time with the help of this gift guide. Let us know in the comments below if you have more ideas to share. 

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