Top 5 Must See Destinations Around The World

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Summer is finally here and that can only mean one thing, it's travel season! If you still haven't figured out the destination for your next summer adventure, we've got you covered. Below are some of our top 5 picks for interesting places around the world. 

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1- Spotted Lake, British Columbia, Canada

Looking like something out of another planet, this magical looking lake is unique due to its weird colorful circles that appear on the surface of the body of water. The scientifical reason behind this is that in the summer the lake evaporates which leaves its minerals and salts that have been accumulating over time to rise up to the surface of the lake only to reveal gorgeous hues of yellow, blue and green. The hues of each circle are different depending on the mineral composition of each circle.

travel destinations  summer vacation summer getaways


2- Thor’s Well, Oregon, USA

This natural wonder is definitely a must see for all you travel enthusiasts. Located next to Oregon coast near Cape Perpetua, this frightening, yet cool looking well is actually a hole in a rock that drains water from the Pacific ocean. The optimal time to visit this marvelous wonder is one hour before the high tide to get a glimpse of how the water fills up and gets drained.

travel destinations  summer vacation summer getaways
3- Tinto River, Huelva, Spain

Tinto river is a famous river in southwestern Spain that rises in the Sierra Morena mountains of Andalusia that extends all the way to Huelva. This body of water has been widely talked about recently for a reason. Tinto river is one of the world's natural wonders due to its lava looking flow. The reason behind the yellow/red stream of water because the river is composed of chemicals that are extremely acidic and with very high levels of iron and heavy metals. Although swimming is extremely prohibited it is still a beautiful sight to see.

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4- Pamukkale, Turkey

Looking for something a bit more historical? Pamukkale, known as Turkey’s single most visited attraction, is a unique place that is popular due to its travertine terrace body of water that looks like a pouring waterfall. Pamukkale, which directly translates to "Cotton Castle" in Turkish, is widely known for its marvelous Greek-Roman ruins of the city of Hierapolis. This destination is also quite popular among those who are looking for spa getaways due to its beneficial minerals in its water. Taking a relaxing dip in these mineral-rich thermal waters will surely leave you refreshed and relaxed. 

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5- Petra, Jordan 

Saving the best for last. Petra is the perfect place if you're looking for a more cultural destination. This ancient city located 3 hours from Amman is one of Jordan's treasures. Petra is known for its magnificent architecture that once belonged to the Nabataeans, a group of ancient Arabs whose settlements lay in this area. This magical city has tons of activities like going on walks and climbs that lets you discover various tombs, temples, historical buildings and much more.

We hope that you enjoyed our picks for your next summer destination. Share your best picks with us in the comments below.

Wishing you safe travels wherever you go!

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