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For your Beautiful Mother

She knows all your favorite snacks, all your hidden corners; she's your unconditional support system. Show her you feel the same way, make her day a little better! Check out the different packages that you can gift your beautiful mother!  Don’t miss out! Free shipping starting from March 9 to March 18! 

How can you order the flowers?  Jeddah Only!

1. Choose your favorite product & add to cart.

2. Select the bouquet of your choice     

and add to cart       

3. When you go to Checkout, Pick the desired date of delivery  

and proceed to the checkout happily! 

Forever Appreciated

To show her how thankful you are for her existence in your life. 

Endless Bloom

To tell her that you will always be there for her, like she is for you.


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            Protection Cuff - soundwave bracelet

            200.00 SR
            200.00 SR

            Tahseen Collection - a soundwave set of 3 bangles bracelets

            476.19 SR
            476.19 SR

            Alhamdullilah gold plated soundwave necklace

            140.00 SR
            140.00 SR

            Al-Wadud - الودود

            150.00 SR
            150.00 SR

            Shahada La ilaha ila allah necklace silver/gold plated

            170.00 SR
            170.00 SR

            Pearl Shahada Bracelets - أساور الشهادة الولو

            90.00 SR
            90.00 SR
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