Azha aims to become the leading middle eastern brand by raising awareness through accessories with meanings. Highlighting the distinct parts of our Arabic culture and spirituality with timeless pieces that represent who we are as muslims.


Enabling whoever wears the accessories to embrace the heritage and passion they feel towards their roots.

Where did it start? 

It was 2 AM in Toronto, Canada. In a sky full of luminous stars, a remarkably sparkling one changed our lives forever. 

Rawaa Bakhsh, the founder of Azha Workshop, was preparing for her masters degree in Toronto. On one of the long nights she spent working and researching, everything changed. Rawaa was thinking about her home in Saudi, her family and everything that reminded her of her roots but she wanted something tangible —something that represented who she was, no matter how far away she felt from her culture.

After hours of research and looking at the stars, she tied her entrepreneurial skills along with her love of unique, timeless pieces and decided to create her own accessories brand. A brand that represents her identity as a muslim and Arab. One that encapsulates the hope she finds in Islam, the articulation she admires in the Arabic language and the home-ness of her culture. 

She developed the brand out of the feeling of responsibility to create designs that best represent her culture and religion —statement pieces that make her feel grounded and rooted to her home, despite being in a land full of foreigners.

Of course Rawaa needed to name her brand. Inspired by the brightest stars in the sky, she decided to name the accessories brand Azha.

Why ‘Azha’? 

‘Azha’ is a star in the Eridani constellation, one of the most luminous stars in the sky. The star was discovered by a muslim astrophysicist called Abdulrahman Al Sufi. It was specifically chosen to accentuate the fact that it shed a light on the most beautiful aspects of our islamic and Arabic cultures. Just like that, next to the interstellar matter, another star was born. 


Rawaa proceeded with calling manufacturers that could help her bring her star to life.

After receiving her first delivery, she started selling her products in bazaars and events in Canada. After the first few designs and the success of them being sold out, she realised she needed a partner if she wanted to expand her business.

Rawaa meets Sara

That’s when Rawaa met Sara Bin Laden, an MBA graduate and asked her if she would like to join her in her Azha journey. It wasn’t long before Sara became the CEO of Azha. Together, they took this business from an at-home hand-packaging accessories brand to a known local brand with manufacturers and a larger team. 


Rawaa Bakhsh
| Founder

The wild spirit and Azha’s heart and soul. Rawaa’s bright ideas greet us every time we have a meeting. 

Sara Bin Laden

The one with the Mario ringtone and Azha’s backbone. When Sara is not fantasising about numbers, she is coming up with unique activities as a leader. 

Zahra Ahmed
| Supply chain

The busy-bee and Azha’s solid ground. Just like her constant supply of cookies, it’s no surprise that Zahra is our supply chain associate.  

Mohammed Hejazi
| Business Development, Customer Service

The only male and Azha’s right arm. He likes to develop our business the same way he prefers his Ice shaken coffee —always strong and better than before. 

Nusaibah Faqih
| Accounting, Web Development

The kindest heart and Azha’s loving mother. Besides her creative and crafty spirit, Nusaibah has a knack for financing and account managing. She is also our ‘web master’. 

Hatoon Kamal 
| Graphic design

Hatoon is definitely the funny one and Azha’s tea sommelier. When she’s not daydreaming about the beach, she’s our graphic designer. 

Lamees Saif
| Marketing

The activist and Azha’s night-watch. Lamees isn’t afraid of the devil in the details, she preaches for a healthy lifestyle and is prepared to market for Azha all day long. 

Elaf Trabulsi
| Content Writing

The youngest and Azha’s jack-of-all-trades. As a content writer, she’s forced to talk about herself in third person (hence right now).   

Majd Hassan 
| Supply Chain, Web Development

The donut monster and Azha’s emergency call. Along with her constant food ideas, Majd works hard and long in operations, supply chain and web development.  

Amal Yaseen
| Graphic Design Intern

The calmest driver and Azha’s hand model. When Amal isn’t driving us around from one photoshoot to the other, she works hand-in-hand with the design department. 

Naifa Ajaji 
| Marketing Intern

The event planner and Azha’s fun organiser. When Naifa isn’t at Dots getting donuts, she’s working alongside the Marketing department and always introducing new ideas.



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