How Azha's Jewelry came to life

How it all Began


Azha's Jewelry was brought to life through a desire to complement contemporary lifestyle with the ceremonious heritage of the Arabic language. By visualizing the sound waves that accompany timeless Quranic scripture, our special series of collections use modern, geometric patterns to create charming pieces that transform the beauty and spirituality of traditional and cultural icons and recitation into everyday treasures meant to be adorned by you. 



Who we are

Founder and Creative Director image

Ra’waa Bakhsh


As Founder and Creative Director, Rawa’a is a third generation jeweler with family heritage dating back to her paternal grandfather and father, who were renowned jewelers in the cities of Jeddah and Mecca in Saudi Arabia. A talented professional with an impeccable sense of style, Rawa’a  is an OCAD graduate and  currently undergoing her PhD at Queens University in cultural studies, with a focus on the visual components that influence and makeup historical and modern cultures. Her MFA thesis explores themes of adaptation and relocation within the context of her background as an Arabic artist, Rawa’a migrated from Saudi Arabia to Canada. Her thesis contains a remarkable amount of knowledge around the majesty and antiquity of various cultural traditions that impact Arabic-inspired artistry, which led her to uncover new ways for traditional Quranic scripture to be showcased and appreciated in a contemporary form - the visual verse. This medium was channeled into the idea behind Azha, which transformed into a jewelry line that has enabled younger generations to connect with the sacred verses, proving the scripture’s ability to transcend time and space.



 Sara is our Business Director and an MBA candidate from Ryerson University. A passionate entrepreneur at heart, Sara’s strengths in problem-solving and data analysis have empowered Azha’s unique place in a competitive market, and established its special perspective on what our collections have to offer. With a passion for identifying individual style as a means of storytelling, she has been a firm supporter of Azha from its inception, and brings her expertise to our vision daily. Sara defines the brand and its collections as a fresh take on the contemporary jewelry line - one that goes beyond simple aesthetics to provide wearers with the chance to indulge in a form of self-expression through a unique art form that relies on the beauty of contemporary design and the eloquent truths we receive from the Quranic scripture.

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Sara Bin Ladin


What we created


Visual Verses

Visual Verses 

Like the rhythm of a memorable song that lingers, Visual Verses is a collection of pieces that bridges life experiences, cultural legacy and special moments to the meaning behind the sacred verses of the Quran. What distinguishes each collection is its ability to capture the essence of a verse without displaying its actual content in textual form. Various modern items available in today’s market tend to be direct replications of the written Arabic language. A visual verse is rare in creation and experience, as it emulates the transformative experience that sound waves create - cherishing the wearers’ affinity toward its significance through progressive design. 



Cultural icons are often a way for us to connect with our heritage, and for those of us who come from mixed backgrounds, or have lived in more than one place, we often relate to particular symbols that remind us of our childhood, an important role model, or a simple, special moment. The Timeless Culture collection uses meaningful symbols associated with our memories to create beautiful pieces that signify the special times and events in our lives. Drawing on contemporary fashion, design and style, this modern collection highlights the symbolic concepts that have existed for thousands of years, bringing them to life through various materials and color choices.

Timeless Culture


What Azha's Future looks like

Our Vision

An Azha piece is sure to spark many great conversations. Our vision is to create beautiful pieces inspired by the eloquence of the scriptures, the magic of the Arabic language, and the power of memory. By transforming written language and symbolic concepts into visual representations, we endeavour to provide you with a meaningful experience through products that are creatively crafted for a unique experience that can be spiritual, magical, memorable and best of all,  shareable. Whether you're from a village in India or Africa, a bustling metropolis in Europe, or a rural community in the West, your choice to indulge in this special luxury of self-expression is one we hold close to our hearts, and we are thrilled to share it with you.



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