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Warranty and Exchange Policy 


1 Year Warranty:


- Azha’s products are made for everyday use with excellent quality

- The warranty expires after 2 years based on the purchase date written on the receipt. 

- The warranty includes an exchange of the product in case the product is damaged or broken.  

- The product’s exchange period of time is 7 working days if the warranty is activated. 

- The warranty does not cover products that are damaged due to misuse and neglect or products that are older than two years. 



- The product can be exchanged 5 days from the purchase date. 

- Receipt must be present. 

- The product must be in its original state when being exchanged, (no damage, scratches or missing pieces, etc.) 

- The packaging of the product needs to be intact and present when exchanging the product. 

- The same product can only be exchanged for a different size of the same product. 


The company’s terms and conditions apply to all products. 


By all means, Saudi Arabia’s laws of commerce are strictly followed by our company and in the above policy.